Decorate with Rustic or Primitive Home Decor the Easy Way

A popular decorating idea lately is to use rustic or primitive home décor in your own home. Whether you simply have a den or basement in your home or a whole cabin in the woods that you want to decorate, you can use rustic or primitive home decor to bring some nature into your life.My cousin lives in a beautiful modern log home only a short drive from a big city. She enjoys the look of her natural log walls and open beamed ceilings every day. Even though she has all modern appliances, she wouldn’t think of decorating with anything but primitive home décor.If you are handy with carpentry tools, you can build some of your own tables and benches for primitive home décor. Be sure to leave some natural wood blemishes intact. You can also find great deals on end tables and coffee tables that bring the outdoor life inside. Many like to use antlers or carvings of wildlife figures for table legs or for artwork both on the wall and as natural statues.Plush and cozy sofas and deep chairs with wood accents compliment primitive home décor. Display nature’s beauty with real (or fake) fur rugs, wall hangings, or blankets. They add warmth to your rustic cabin décor.The brick fireplace mantle is a perfect place to display some of nature’s tchotchkes. A huge selection is available online or in many stores specializing in natural home décor today. You can also find outdoor wood scenes as wall art for your primitive home décor.My sister-in-law loves her moose-theme bathroom linens in her modern home on the river. She found her primitive home décor items at a nearby department store. I added to her collection at Christmas with a moose candle holder and liquid soap dispenser. She already had a fake moose head hanging over the toilet!You can choose from many designs for primitive home décor for bedroom linens too. Wildlife themes abound with moose and bear being the most popular. If fishing is your game, you can find several great fish themes too.Even when you have the convenience of a modern kitchen, you can still display some primitive home décor by selecting from the many wildlife designs for dishes and tableware. Add some placemats, napkins, or tablecloths designed from nature to bring primitive home décor to every meal.When you travel, take some time to look in the souvenir shops to add to your collection. Displaying hand-carved wildlife scenes and crafty primitive home décor items from the places you visit are wonderful ways to remember your trip.My cousin found a chainsaw carving of bears to set outside her front door. She named one of her golden retrievers “Bear” and just couldn’t resist adding the bear carving to display her primitive home décor front and center.See more decorating ideas and learn how to use the Color Wheel to coordinate your colors in my article “Tips for using the Color Wheel to Create the Right Mood”. You can turn your decorating project into the perfect room on any budget.